Our mission was to give access to a complex control of commands for autonomous cars thanks to a centralized flow manager and efficient mobile applications.

Gives mission orders
to autonomous vehicles
The objective


An innovative approach of valet parking service.

Renault R&D is engaged in creating an autonomous valet parking service. Their mission is to make autonomous electric vehicles come pick you up at the place you would have been previously indicated and make them able to go back to their charging point without any human intervention.

Control mission
Waiting for car
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A « Human Centric » approach.

We have worked on a global approach of the service to simplify and secure all actions of the car. Thus, we have developed dedicated applications. The first one aims at declaring missions while the second one aims at securing actions. This mobile ecosystem has been created in order to eliminate functional and emotional frictions related to this innovative service.


Make the technology easy to apprehend.

The design team priority was to conceive a clear and simple interface inspired by the brand codes with a navigation intuitive enough for the user to apprehend. Everything from shapes to colors and icons has been thought to make the application easy to understand and quickly transform intuitive use into habits of control.

Exoskills Engineering + HMI
R&D Renault
Declare mission
mission LIVE VIEW
Autonomous Car


Technology guidance.

Renault expected more than a simple work of service providers from us. They expected a true partnership. We have then made lots of iterations with Renault engineering teams and visited them on the test tracks on a regular basis to test the application in real conditions. It was a hand in hand work made to answer security constraints and iterate quickly.


Nicolas & Michel

Michel started to define the user experience and then continued his work by designing all the graphics elements of the applications. Nicolas provided his expertise to develop the server and all 3 applications on their different medium (mobile, tablet and computer).

Michel Bianco-Levrin

Founder & Chief Executive

Serial entrepreneur and Creative Director for 12 years. His digital communication agency, Diplomatic Cover joined Publicis Group in 2012. 2015 creation of Exoskills to change the world!

Nicolas Haupt

Chief Software Engineer — Associate

UTC educated engineer, he worked for both startups and digital agencies. His motto: «Innovate everyday!»

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